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  She got everything as a successful woman, or we may say that a successful wife.She has got a rich husband,a boy go to Harvard and a good taste of fashion which was mentioned in this film times and times agaion from the moment she met ginger till the moment she met Dwight.She was such a elegent and beautiful lady living in her fantastic world.Imagine what would happen when she fell...
  I knew that she wouldn't do great when she came back to normal life which in another word we called reality.But the sad thing is I didn't expect her to be neurotic or mad.but maybe that is the purpose of Woody Allen,people live in fantasy doesn't exist.Finally, they will taste the dirt of reality.

Former Chapter

"Betty got sick seriously, I am gonna go to hospital to see her this Friday." YY sent me wechat.

Not so amazed by the film. But Gal Gadot is really beatiful. In the total course of enjoying the movie, I was really impressed many times by her beauty. How about guys?

Once a girl told me that she was like a train running to her destination and I might just be one of the passengers hopped on and off along the journey. I was foolishly convinced that we were going the same way, but it turned out I was more fascinated about the idea of 'getting into her' than 'getting old with her'. I was 15.

OMG..What the heck? I can't believe this...To me, Betty is the last person to be sick. She is such a happy person, always laughing, smiling and kindhearted. Even I no longer work with her, but her frequent laughing and smiling still impresses me. I feel like her giggling in my ear at the thought of her every time. I always admire her upbeat spirit. She is like a happy, careless little bird.

Agian, it is Tudesday. And I need rack my brains and get enough words to be an essay.

Now she was living her own life - I hope not as miserable as mine in some way - somewhere with someone I wondered, and I was going to fuck this girl called Rachel who had just admitted her little deception. Obviously no one is a train or a passenger going to a place called 'destination'. People come and go, chasing their lives like a bunch of horny animals running wild and blind.

I went to hospital to see Betty with YY this morning. By the time we got there, she just came out of surgery. The moment she saw us, tears sprung through her eyes. She was lying in bed, not able to speak yet, we just grabbed each other's hand. I didn't really know what to say. At that moment, saying anything sounds meaningless and powerless. Her husband told us the surgery went successful, which is a great news, but have to wait about two weeks to get final result. I wish she will be fine. I am praying for her with all my heart.

I am trying to comment on this film "Wonder woman".

Carpe diem. This is what it means.

You can never tell what's gonna happen in the future.Try to enjoy your every day, try to live your life to its fullest. It's normal to fail, no big deal in comparison to death. Just keep trying, listen to your heart, do what your heart tells you. At the end of your life, you can say to yourself that you had a wonderful life!

The most impressed thing is the bravery of Diana. Almost she is not feared for everything. It seems that she is always ready to die for her faith.

Her place was at one of those old Victorian terraces that were quite common in Melbourne suburbs. Her room was messy with all sorts of lady stuff, magazines, lipsticks, stockings, you name it. She didn't intentionally tidy it up as I would assume. She had no reason to gloss over reality for me. I found it exceptionally sexy.

Life itself is a tragedy. You can't change that, but you can change the way you live.

For the first scene, in order to leave the paradise island together with Steve Trevor secrettly, she jumped from the deep valley to the towel in order to get the sward.  Before the cliff, she considered for a while and got back to a distance. Then she ran fast to jump to catch the wall of the towel. And also I just noticed the director arranged a donkey be confused or shocked by the Diana's crazy behaviour.

'Water?' She asked nicely.

In the WAR frontline, she heard there were still a part villager were arrested by the Germany and would live as slavers. She stood out and walked to the most dangers with her sward and shield. I was so impressed by that scene. Not only for her beauty, but also the firm expression on her face. She would rescue the villeagers without any doubt.

'Nah, I'm good.' I was thirsty like hell.

永利棋牌 1

'Shall we?' She started to take off her dress.

Be brave with detailed schedule would reach to the success, I think.

I sat on the edge of her bed, mattress in fact, staring up at her like a pathetic virgin. I didn't remember how clumsy I was to get myself naked. I had no time to think if it was so embarrassing to get a boner already. I just wanted to fuck her on that dirty mattress.

For the second point I get from the movie is that love is always the guide to trust people. Though I could not get it is what make people fight for each other. In the reality, it is the profit?

永利棋牌,We did it twice, not as I was too quick or too good. The sex was nice but not my best if I had to judge without a man's ego. She wasn't so skilful as I'd expected. When she tried to kiss me I was even confused and overwhelmed in the first place that she broke the holy 'no kissing' rule. She was a rookie and she was nervous too. But this new discovery boosted my confidence in an unexpected way. I started to take the lead and she started to follow. The paces, the moves, the spots..she was learning and responding quickly.

What most important is the love. She said it is nothing to do with whether people are deserved to save or not.

Now she was just leaning in my arms like any other girl. She didn't talk much as far as I recall. I cuddled her cheek gently as the blossom smell of her silky black hair calmed me down from the reckless sex we just had.

Diana lived in a paradise, never know the real people life. She believed that people were induced to fight with each other. As long as she killed the bad god, the people world would become be peaceful.But when she came to the people world, she found the cheat not only from the bad guyes but also the good people, like Steve.  She was loss once and did not know what to fight for. And why the bad god was killed, the people were still keeping fighting. It was not the case which she predicted to be.  Finally, Steve sacrifised himself to save the soliders. Diana understood people are still with the faith of love and deserve to protect.

I wondered if she was up for another go or should I just get dressed and leave as everything now seemed awkwardly romantic? I knew for sure that something bigger was happening between us. It was not the Hollywoodish chemistry, not even a spark of love. I knew at that moment when she leant on my chest breathing he warm breaths on my neck that she was someone I could never get away with my whole life. And when destiny happened, it was all so fast before we even knew it. I was amazed it turned out not tame at all.

The third one I am thinking after enjoying the movie is what is meaning of life. At my stage for the moment, I am struggling to make a better life.  I am not content with the present life. I want bigger house, better education for my child, better service for my parents when they get old, better car and the most count thing is the freedom. I am no longer to see anyone I don't like, I won't  need struggle to get up early in the morning and get hurry to send my child to school. I could do the things I would like at any time I would prefer to do.

'You said you were going to Melbourne Uni?' She uttered softly.

For one sentence, I live for myself.  It is the meaning of my hardwork. I am not great. But as per QIU WEI's words, I am lucky. I work in the field of something which could help people.

'Hmm, yep. My first year. How about you?' I kept touching her. She seemed so small and in my arms.

Take a deep breath and give up all these desires. What will be left?  It is the body and the spirit. I feel relax and put down my shoulders.

'Same. Feels like I've been stuck in here forever.' She paused for a second and asked, 'Do you like girls older than you?'

Have a good night, all.

'You are much younger in bed.' I couldn't help but kissed her on her forehead and I instantly regretted a little. I didn't normally show my affection to a girl I barely knew.


She snickered with her body keeping closer to me.'You are cute. Will I see you again?'

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I didn't answer. In usual cases, you don't answer to that sort of questions. No false hope. No dramas.

The late night train in Melbourne was slow and drowsy. I was sitting in the carriage alone listing to the vintage radio in the train playing Micheal Bublé's new song Me and Mrs. Jones:

Me and Mrs Jones, we got a thing going on

We both know that it's wrong

But it's much too strong to let it go now

We meet ev'ry day at the same cafe

Six-thirty I know she'll be there

Holding hands, making all kinds of plans

While the jukebox plays our favorite song

Me and Mrs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones

We got a thing going on

We both know that it's wrong

But it's much too strong to let it go now

We gotta be extra careful

That we don't build our hopes too high

Cause she's got her own obligations and so do I

Me, me and Mrs, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones

Well, it's time for us to be leaving

And it hurts so much, it hurts so much inside

And now she'll go her way, I'll go mine

But tomorrow we'll meet at the same place, the same time

Me and Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones, Mrs Jones

This Canadian guy has the magic to turn such an old song into something trendy but still classy. I mean I love Billy Paul's version for every reason, but Bublé gave this piece less funk and more texture, and more irony.

I was not in the mood to think how 'necessary' this song was to me at that moment. I just couldn't get her out of my mind. The taste of her skin, the smell of her hair and her eternal smile. I knew this whole thing was so desperately dangerous, but I couldn't help but send her a message:

'I think I like you.'

I stared at the small screen of my Nokia phone waiting for her reply. My heart was beating even faster than we we fucked.

'Beep.' An incoming message. My stomach was all butterfly.

'I like you too. But I'm leaving the country in a month.'

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